Review: Dove Pro Age Hand Cream

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After loosing a lot of weight a few years back and, thanks to my advancing years too, my hands became more visibility aged – loose skin and age spots appearing. This is on top of the fact that I already suffer from dry skin.

As a result, for a number of years, I’ve been using hand cream twice a day to try and get them in better shape.

This is my first review, and is for the Dove Pro Age.

It comes in a convenient size, 75ml, which means it’s also suitable for hand luggage during a flight, as well as travel in general.

The burgundy and brass coloured tube is very pleasant and, thankfully, doesn’t come with any other packaging (such as an outer box). Sadly, the lid is less impressive and really needs some force to close – as a result, it’s often left slightly open.

The cream itself looks nice but, upon applying, is very greasy. Thankfully, it soaks in quickly.

It contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), olive oil, as well as vitamin B3. I’m assuming it’s the olive oil that makes it as greasy as it is.

Having used it now for quite a few weeks I can state that it’s made no visible difference to my hands at all. They’re no worse and, they although mildly moisturised after application, this doesn’t last long.

I’ve not been impressed enough to continue using it once this current tube runs out.

One thing it does have on its side is price – £4 from Boots.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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