Fiddled on the Roof

No, not a DIY post about how I fixed a rogue tile, but the fact that I’ve recently finished an amateur run of Fiddler on the Roof – my first show for 5 years.

Let’s just say, it went well.

Beeston Musical Theatre Group (BMTG), a group I’ve been involved with since 2001, performed last week, and it’s my first show since I did Jekyll & Hyde with them back in 2018.

As my first for a while, I wanted to ease myself back into it, so I didn’t audition for a named role but ended up with one anyway – Nachum the Beggar. Now, I have a reputation for playing drunks, bums or just general village idiots, so this was my (intentionally or otherwise) typecast. Never-the-less, play to your strengths! I had half the outfit already and, when asked to make the provided boot look dirty and scruffy, I knew what to do (add water to earth outside and rub it over the boot. Allow to dry and then remove excess dirt with a brush).

Here are some photos of myself in various scenes…

I was mic’d during the whole show, not something I was expecting, although I was singing some of the songs in the wings even when I wasn’t on stage.

And show week was tiring. The nights were late and the songs were buzzing in my head even as I tried to sleep. The Sunday before the show started we were in the theatre from 10am until 11pm.

But… it was amazing.

We sold the show out 3 weeks beforehand – something that’s unheard of.

Here’s a message I sent to the group near the end of the week which I think sums things up nicely…

First of all, I’ve been involved in quite a few shows over the years and, during show week, the quality of the performances always goes up and down. But that hasn’t happened here – each night has been consistently amazing. We’ve not just hit it out of the park each night but done so to the same level each time.

Secondly, I’ve never known a show group bond as well as we have. The humour, the camaraderie, just the love has been amazing to have been part of. You’re all such lovely people and I really hope I get the opportunity to work alongside you all again in the future. I love you all ❤️

The quality of the show aside, the time we had together was amazing. It just so happened that we also pulled off an astounding show too. To quote just one audience member…

AMAZING show, congratulations. It was so fantastic. The whole cast and everyone involved deserves recognition. The whole show, the complete story telling, songs, everything was great. I even cried (quite a lot) 

I came to see you tonight – all I can say is that you and ALL the cast were absolutely brilliant – I hope they’re paying you well 🤣🤣

I went to see it a few years ago in Nottingham when Paul Michael Glazier played Tevye, and loved it then. But I have to say I loved it just as much tonight.

Fantastic cast, a big well done to you all. 🥰👏🏻👏🏻

Only one word for last nights show, BRILLIANT.

But even the “proper” reviews were rather nice too…

Proving that local theatre productions are as good as, if not better in some cases, than professional touring productions. And that is why this week for BMTG they sold out of tickets three weeks ago. A testament to the quality you can expect from this group of local stars.

What more can I say? I’m biased because I love this musical, I love the message within the musical and the cast are ridiculously talented.

Kev Castle

In all my years of theatre going I don’t think I have ever seen Fiddler On The Roof bettered than this wonderful ‘sold out’ production. The talents on stage aside for a moment, the solidly placed BMTG high production values and creativity are well managed allowing the show to be properly amusing and consciousness stirring at the same time. Clunky is certainly isn’t. It is an amateur musical artistic gem that will be remembered with fondness for years to come and I expect a few proper tears with be shed on the final performance by all at BMTG.

East Midlands Theatre

Here’s a selection of some of my favourite photos from the show…

And just to prove that we don’t take ourselves at all seriously…

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