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My good friend Barry Collins recently made use of Midjourney to generate GTA images of the PC Pro podcast crew. He’s since been good enough to show me how it was done, as well as creating some for myself too.

All I’ll say is, you wouldn’t want to mess with me based on the results!

Anyway, this is where Baz initially shared the GTA images…

To do this yourself you need access to Midjourney (which is a subscription option) and a reasonable image of yourself looking reasonably not-happy. Here’s the image that Barry used for me…

You upload the image somewhere and then supply the URL of it to Midjourney along with the request “imagine as a GTA V character –v 5.2“.

This resulted in…

As I said, you wouldn’t want to mess with me.

The next request – “As a GTA V character wearing a Hawaiian shirt –v 5.2”. So, much the same but now being more specific about the output.

It’s worth noting that some Photoshop cropping was required to remove some text artefacts – quite possibly some watermarks (yeah, I know, questions about IP on source photos is a hot topic right now).

But, basically, you need to play about with the request to get the details you want.

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