YouTube Embed: One of the Best WordPress Video Player Plugins to Try in 2023

WordPress theme company, Astra, have reviewed video player WordPress plugins and consider my very own YouTube Embed to be one of the best.

And, to be fair, it was a tough crowd. Whereas YouTube Embed is specifically just for YouTube videos and then only using the capabilities of Google’s own API, the rest of the list were not such constrained, often providing their-own bespoke players for any kind of video.

Never-the-less to be regarded amongst the others, many of which are commercial offerings, was an honour. Indeed, their favourite was listed at position 1, but they don’t make it clear if their “Top 10” is in order. If it is, my plugin is number 3, which makes even better. And, the top 2 are both commercial, paid-only options. Whatever the case here, they had little negative to say other than the fact that the plugin makes use of shortcodes.

If you’re looking for a powerful method of embedding your YouTube videos in WordPress, you know where to look!

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