Detecting per-post use of Gutenberg

There may be times when you need to detect use of Gutenberg on a per-post level – for example, a plugin that adds specific Gutenberg functionality, or maybe to display specific content on Gutenberg pages.

With plugins such as Gutenberg Ramp available, making it easy to specify specific groups of posts that should use Gutenberg, plus the fact that only posts you edit/add after installing Gutenberg will make use of its new functionality, it’s easy to see that most sites will end up with a mixed estate.

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Adding a link to your draft posts in the WordPress admin

When you’re working in a publishing environment, the most used part of WordPress will be viewing your draft posts. After all, this is your current, active work. Once done, it’s over to an editor to publish. Yet, draft posts are a few too many clicks than they really need to be.

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Tee-total and vegetarian?

As the world’s (very unofficial) most carnivorous person, it would be a cold day in hell that I’d become vegetarian, right? Well, get the blankets and fire extinguisher out as I’m nearly (but not totally) there. A couple of weeks ago I became tee-total and, starting next week, I’ll be nearly vegetarian. Let me explain…

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Introducing WordPress’ Gutenberg editor to The Big Tech Question

I’ve been writing for The Big Tech Question (BTQ) website for some time now. It’s my first foray into serious journalism but it really lets me sharpen my teeth on higher quality writing – one that I can then use back at my job with Automattic too.

But the link between the two doesn’t end there. When I joined them they were using WordPress but hosted somewhere, well, not very good. I convinced them to move to and, now, I’ve moved them onto the Gutenberg (GB) editor. In this post I want to give a little more detail on why, how and what then happened!

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A Wicked trip to London

It was my wife’s 40th birthday back in June (which I’m sure she won’t appreciate me announcing here) and, as her present, she wanted to see a West End show. We booked tickets to see Wicked in August, which we now just back from.

When booking, I decided that a made rush down to London, a show and then rush back wouldn’t be the nice, relaxed day out my wife was hoping for, so I made an early decision that we should stay in London for one night.

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Talking Support: Following the work of others

Working for the VIP team, I deal with a lot of enterprise-level clients and, although I’ve been working there for over a year and a half now, my experience of technical support goes back over 25 years before this. So, I thought it was time to share some of my knowledge. And, you know, little of this is mind-blowing stuff.

So, let’s talk about improving your own support abilities by tracking the work of others.

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Packing for business trips: the art of stress-free travel

In a couple of days I head for Montreal for the annual company meetup, the 11th trip I’ve taken with work in the last 18 months. Now, I’m not a seasoned, back-packing traveller but having to regularly head out, for anything from a few days to a week, I’m already getting pretty used to the whole experience. 

And, having exchanged tips with colleagues, and also seen some panic on those not so used to this life yet, I thought I’d share some of my own advice.

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Killerby Holiday

24 years ago my wife’s family all got together at Killerby Old Hall in Yorkshire for a holiday. Last week it was repeated – same location but a much different family.

My wife’s parents have passed on and some of the family couldn’t make it but it’s still obvious that the family has expanded greatly over those 24 years.

Here’s my diary of the week.

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