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Gutenberg: Adding custom fields to the block editor

When Gutenberg was first launched in WordPress 5.0, users lost the ability to create their own custom fields directly from the editor. Eventually, this was added back in but, by default, they’re turned off.

If you have the need to use custom fields, let me take you through how to switch them back on…


You know that OTHER 2020 bug…?

Back at the beginning of January there were reports of faulty computer systems apparently caused by the year being 2020 (including the video game W2E 2K20), a variation of the Year 2000 bug. Is it and why?

Well, buckle up, as this is a long one. But, as both one of those people who was tasked to stop the Y2K bug back in the 1990s but also one of those people who was the cause of it in the first place, I feel I’m in a good position to comment further…

Development WordPress

Jetpack: Add the modules screen to the menu

For those who use Jetpack regularly, you’ll probably appreciate that, in recent years, the old screen that listed all of the modules has disappeared, to be replaced by a series of tabbed settings screens. Which is great, except some of the modules aren’t included (including some of those which default as switched on).

The modules screen is still accessible but a link to it is tucked away at the bottom of the current settings screen.

So, I’ve created a quick (slightly hacky) script to add it to the main Jetpack menu.

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Gutenberg: Add a reusable blocks menu

I love Gutenberg. I also love using reusable blocks too. What I don’t love, though, is having to go into an existing post just to access my reusable blocks list.

So how about a quick and easy method to add them to your admin menu?

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How to improve the Bluetooth on a Playstation 4 – Part 3

Yeah, I thought I was finished with this too but it turned out that it wasn’t as simple a fix as I thought.

All was fine until later evening when Bluetooth problems would start again – I’ve checked Bluetooth signals in the vicinity – nothing kicks in my side at that time but there’s an awful lot of WiFi and Bluetooth coming from my neighbours.

Anyway, you’ll be glad to hear… I’ve found a fix. Properly this time.