Ring ring: The search for the best bicycle bell

For the last few months I’ve taken up cycling daily – a little on the road but mostly through a local park. My exploits have been mentioned before, mainly due to the idiotic meanderings of people in the cycle lane. It’s even lead to an accident.

One thing that’s become important, is making sure people can actually hear me approaching – even if somebody is in the cycle lane, I do need to make sure I’m approaching, if only for my own safety.

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Sabbatical: Weeks Ten & Eleven

Surprise! You thought I’d forgotten last week, right?

No, I was on holiday, so wasn’t able to post.

So, how did it go and what else have I been up to?

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Yes, Telegram users, you can now get updates about this blog directly in your messenger service.

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If you’re interested in adding this to your own WordPress site, then there’s a great tutorial here.


Apple: over-priced fashion devices?

Every week I join the audience of the recording of the PC Pro podcast. It’s live every Thursday at 1pm on Mixlr, where you can listen to the recording (warts and all) as well as join in with text-based chat.

At the end of each podcast is discussion of a piece of hardware – what they call the “Hot Hardware” part, as everyone votes whether it’s hot, or otherwise. This week, the latest M2-powered MacBook Air was reviewed. Now, I’m not here to argue either way but this comment by one of the listeners grabbed my attention…


Sabbatical: Week Nine

We’re coming to the final weeks of the sabbatical now and I’ve already started writing a summary – what I did, what I didn’t, what worked and what didn’t. But that’s for another day.

For now, let’s talk about the last week…