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WordCamp Glasgow 2020

For only the second time, I have the opportunity to speak at a WordCamp – and, again, in Scotland. This time, it’s Glasgow, a city I’ve only ever briefly visited before.

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My talk writing process

Shamelessly ripped off from my colleague, Tammie Lister, who has written a similar post, I thought I’d write a little more about my process for preparing for talks.

Okay, so, unlike Tammie, I’ve not done that many and my process is probably very new and unrefined. My intention is to re-visit this post at times, though, and update it as I go on.

Along the way, I’m also going to add some tips that I’ve learnt along the way.

Health Life

I'm half the man I used to be

But not literally.

Last June I decided to finally do something about my weight. It wasn’t causing health issues and tests in recent years had a shown low cholesterol and a strong heart. Never-the-less, I wasn’t happy.

So, just like that, I did.

I joined WW (what was Weight Watchers) and this week I celebrated losing over 50 lbs in total (53 lbs in total). That’s over 20% of my body weight. So, I’m four fifths of the man that I used to be, if we’re being rather more literal.

Customer Service Life

3 plumbers, 2 flushes and massive headache

Get comfortable as I’m about to share the amazing story of a simple toilet fault and the lengths I had to go through to get it fixed.

It’s a tale of incompetence and frustration. Oh, and a toilet cistern.


2019 – highlights and lowlights

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions but I do like to look back across a year, if only from the learnings that such a thought exercise brings. If you want to be a better person, review your past and use that to better yourself in the future.

However, I think Helen boils it down ever more succinctly…