Trigger’s Broom – my MacBook lives!

My 2012 MacBook Pro lives on, despite coming close to what appeared to its final demise at the weekend.

I gave the MacBook to my wife a couple of years ago and she’s loved using it – but before I did, I’d replaced the battery and the hard drive. But, at the weekend, the diagnosis didn’t look good.

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Amazon Prime Music Unlimited – a great offer for a fantastic music streaming service

I’ve been using Amazon Prime Music Unlimited for a couple of years now and can genuinely say how rather good it is.

If you’re an Amazon Prime user, you get the more basic Prime Music included. However, for all the music you could wish for you need to pay a little more for the Unlimited version.

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5 years later and my Creative experience ends

Back in 2014 I started using a pair of Creative T30 wireless speakers. Considering how small they are, and lack a subwoofer, the sound was always pleasingly good. For the last 2.5 years, they’ve been paired to my work MacBook to great effect.

But that’s now come to an end.

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Lucie’s bedroom – our biggest house project, so far

We’ve been in our house for about 8 years and, each year for the last few years, we’re attempting to renovate a room. 4 years ago it was the kitchen, 3 years ago it was the top bedroom (aka Laura’s bedroom or, as it is now, the guest bedroom), 2 years ago it was my office and, last year, it was smaller spruce-up of the bathroom.

This year, it’s Lucie’s bedroom and it’s the biggest one yet.

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What’s in my bag? 2019 edition

Back in 2017, I revealed, after just a few months working and travelling for Automattic, what I carried with me in my backpack. 2 years on, and many more trips, and that content has changed. I don’t carry everything with me at all times and will modify the bag contents based on where I’m travelling (travel light, you know!).

What has massively changed is the amount of tech I now carry, as I was always lacking a cable or adapter. A much bigger cable organiser bag has allowed me to put all of this in one place but I’ve also taken the opportunity to review what I have and why.

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