Promoting your company hiring during IWD? Be careful what you boast about…

Events such as International Women’s Day is a great opportunity for businesses to promote what they’re doing towards equality and diversity. But well meaning messages are easily made clumsily.

Let’s take Liquid Web’s blog post, which they heavily promoted on their social media channels. On the surface it looks great – promoting women in the first place is a priority for them and have increased the women in their organisation by over 200%. What’s not to like?


I seem to be getting FTTP, despite what OpenReach says

For a while now, there have been various network company vans on mine, and nearby streets. What they’re doing is pretty obvious, with new, thicker cables being strung between telegraph poles, boxes marked “Corning” on them nearby and these signs being added…

Yes, fibre-to-the-premises is here.

Gaming Life

No Man’s Sky: Online play is a mess

I bought into No Man’s Sky quite early on and have slowly watched it be vastly improved since that early release. As a result, every time I go back to it I find myself restarting it from the beginning as it’s so vastly changed from before.

One thing it does now have is multiplayer, giving you the ability to play online, cross-platform, with friends.

So, last weekend I decided to give it a try, roping in my good friend Barry Collins. He on Xbox and I on PS4 set off to explore strange new worlds…

How To Life

The trials of a new(ish) MacBook Air

At the grand age of 7 years, my original MacBook Pro has died. Kind of. My wife enheritated it a few years ago but it’s got to the point where the constant crashes make it a problem to use (particularly when my wife is working from home and relying on it for remote teaching). In that time it’s been through 3 batteries, 2 MagSafe chargers and 2 SSDs.

The SSD failure occurred only just recently and required a full rebuild, yet the crashes that were being experienced before this continued. I think the software has been pretty much ruled out and I suspect it is hardware related. Anyway, it was time to get my wife something else.

Development WordPress

How do you solve a problem like YouTube Embed?

My YouTube Embed WordPress plugin is nearly 11 years old now and was one of the first plugins I wrote (albeit not THE first), paving a way into WordPress development and, for the last 4 years, working in my dream job at Automattic.

But, right now, I have a problem with it.

First of all, it’s important to understand what the plugin is about.