Less than 3 weeks to go!

And everything is pretty much organised for my wedding.

Jennie has lots of stuff to do during the final week (she’s off work and staying at her mums) to get the hall ready, but otherwise it’s all organised, paid for and generally sorted. The DJ has his list of songs, the caterer has a final menu, the bar has been fully paid, etc, etc. We’ve even received some of our wedding presents.

Tomorrow, I (the groom) commence my 4 days of the Stag Weekend. I have no idea where I’m going other than the fact it’s this country. My beer is ready. Expect me to turn up at the wedding with one eyebrow missing.


Infamy, Infamy…

From Computing magazine, 18th April…

London pride

Gavin Asthills might have spotted an automatic sign warning of an event on a different road 50 miles away, but that’s nothing, says David Artiss.
‘I was travelling south on the M1 and, around junction 28, was told on repeated signs about a closed junction on the M25. Now, I know that most Londoners feel the universe revolves around them, but this is ridiculous. Is the idea that anyone travelling south must be going to London?’
By the way, junction 28 is near Alfreton, some 120 miles north of London. Can anyone beat this electronic sign for irrelevance?


Less than 2 months to go

..until my wedding. and lots has been done..

  1. RSVP reminders sent out, but most have been returned. We even have a table plan!
  2. The caterers have been sorted with details. As well as a defined menu, they’ll also provide tables and chairs.
  3. We’re in the process of paying the final amount for the bar.
  4. The bride and groom have been sampling alcohol to decide what to supply. Hic.

All, so far is going well. We also have out first “Wedding Preparation Meeting” with the minister this weekend.


Sony Ericsson K800i

Well, I did say I might mention it in a later Blog.

First of all an explanation of why I’ve stopped moaning about nuisance mobile phones and bought one…. the other Friday I was due to pick my daughter up from her mums. And it snowed. Not just a little but a lot. A blizzard really and I couldn’t see the lines on the road let alone anything ahead. Meantime my daughter was stuck at school, her mum unable to reach her.

It was just luck that I’d remembered to take my emergency (pay-as-you-go cheap n’ nasty) mobile out of the boot and had it turned on – I got the phone call from her mum to tell me what was happening and we decided in the end to call it off – I’d pick her up when the weather cleared the next morning. Meantime I’d found somewhere to pull over.

So all of this made me realise that having a mobile – a proper one that I have turned on all the time – might be a good idea. It would also help during my (oh my god it’s less than 3 months) wedding. Oh, and a pay rise at work helped justify it as well.

So after some research I plumped for the Sony Ericsson K800i. The high quality camera also further helped justify it (as I then wouldn’t be caught shot of not having a camera when I needed one). And I got a Bluetooth headset for it as well.

And I have to say, it’s very good, although accessing the phone contents on my PC via Bluetooth is flaky (not that it’s an issue – Bluetooth file transfer is so damn slow). I got a hard transparent case for it along with a 1Gb micro memory stick from – very, very cheap price. Recommended.

I also managed to get it, eventually, to allow traffic uploads to my TomTom One. However, it wasn’t clear cut – my phone kept complaining about a “Connection Failure”. I spoke to Carphone Warehouse (whom I bought the phone from) and they, handily (I’m kidding), told me to visit one of their shops (what is the point of phone support if that’s there answer!). Meantime I’d posted my problem on a GPS forum and they came back with an answer.

If you have the same problem (or again, this will be useful to remind myself of the answer), then you need to do the following:

  • On your phone navigate to the following:Settings|Connectivity|Data Communications|Data Accounts
  • Select your data account and then ‘More,’ then select ‘Account Info’ and note the number against ‘External ID.’
  • Now, when the TomTom errors, you get a prompt to enter the details manually. Do this and skip through most of the information.
  • When it prompts for the dial information it will probably look something like this:*99***3#The number 3 here should be set to your phones External ID.
  • Next, your logon will appear as something like this:at+cgdcont=3,”ip”,”internet”,””,0,0All of this depends on your account and various bits may be different. However, once again the 3 should be your External ID. Change that bit too.

And that was it (although I’d be curious to know how long it would have taken CPW to have worked that one out!).


Global Warming

A big topic for a Friday I know, but with the release of the latest report imminent, I thought I’d add my two cents to the pot.

I don’t get it.