What are the chances?

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Back in 2000, I met a young lady named Fiona via the discussion boards on the handbag.com website. We became good friends.

A few months later, she got me together with a friend of hers, Naomi, who I dated for a short while.

Naomi introduced me to a musical theatre group that herself and Fiona were a member of (hence why they knew each others).

At that same group, I become good friends with Luis.

In 2002, Fiona and Luis get married. At their wedding I meet Jennie, a friend of Fionas. Soon after we start dating.

In May this year I married Jennie, with Luis as my best man.

Recently, we have a new member join our musical theatre group. Martin Holtom. He used to be the “big cheese” at…. handbag.com

Now, what are the chances?

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