Danger, Geek at Work

Now my day-time job is not a particularly geeky one. It’s programming an 80’s Basic language on a text-based DOS system. Never-the-less I’ve realised I’m doing quite well at making it look otherwise.

The picture above (taken on my Sony Ericsson K800i phone) shows my Dell Latitude D620 laptop (in a dock) to the left, connected to an external display, keyboard and mouse. Both monitors are in use so I can move between them. Pandora is running on the laptop screen (and that HAS to be a geek sign), Sennheiser headphones lying on the desktop.

Just sneaking out of the right hand side of the laptop you might be able to see the shiny blackness that is my own WD Passport (60GB). I use this for my own personal documents and files.

To the very right is the silver stand that my phone sits in. Thanks to some great software, I can operate, sync and modify the contents of my phone from my desktop. I can easily type out SMS messages and even operate the keyboard. Nice.

Unfortunately missing from the shot is my red and black cafetiere cup. Oh and the third monitor further to my left attached to a development server (my own personal IBM eServer x200). Under my desk is also a Dell Optiplex GX520 that I no longer use.


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