Pay to Park at Work

The Workplace Parking Levy has raised its ugly head. This is a plan by Nottingham City Council to charge people for parking at work. It will help congestion by getting people to find alternatives routes to work and they can plough the money back into local transport schemes.

Except… well, where we work is on the outskirts but not in the city. So we won’t see the benefits of any improvements. Plus it won’t stop people coming to work, as most people don’t have an option. It will hit shift workers and anyone else, even if they don’t cause congestion because of the times they travel. Oh, and small businesses are exempted because… their cars don’t cause congestion?? Not sure on that one.

No, it’s badly thought out rubbish that’s just going to hit us in the pocket – £185+VAT a year starting in 2010, going up within 5 years to £350+VAT. To park. At work. Most will pay it, whilst others will find alternative places to park (probably on residential roads).


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