Hit below the belt

As you are probably aware from my various blog entries, I’m a member of a local theatre group. I do as much as I can to help, including creating and running their website (with next to no feedback or comments from either members of committee), designing posters, etc, etc. And I’m happy to do it.

I’ve also been on the committee twice before. Once, looking after the patrons. Then, later, as a Society Representative. Unfortunately, due to illness I resigned from the latter role, stating that it was due to “personal reasons” (I really didn’t feel the need to give exact details!).

Now, the position of Vice President has become free and I’ve put my name forward. On Wednesday night myself and, at least one other person, will present our case and the votes will be cast.

In the past, senior positions on the committee have caused some nastiness from within the society, as people take sides. Except there’s no real need for it and it just causes ill feelings. At least one person fell out the last time this happened and I think it affected others, who have not since been quite so involved as they once were.

You’d think history would teach a lesson, but as nothing was done about it that time, it continues. This time the daggers have come out for me. “Don’t vote for him, when he doesn’t get his way he resigns from the committee,” is how the rumours is going around. In some versions I’ve resigned twice, in others 4 times (an impossibility, as you can only resign once from a position!).

And you know.. it does hurt. People who you regard as friends being spiteful and vindictive behind your back.

So far I’m saying nothing. I’ve written a speech for Wednesday which a friend (who also put forward my nomination for the  role), who also happens to a psychology degree, helped check. In particular, it’s checked to ensure I don’t accidentely make the mistake myself – the speech is about me and why I’m good for the role. It insults no-one and makes no mention of anyone else who is going for the same role.

To be honest, the damage is probably already done towards me. The “rumour” has probably been directed at new members, who won’t know better. The competition was already quite stiff, and I suspect this will have put an end to my chances.

But, as I say, I’m saying nothing unless asked. All I can do now is my best and, even if nobody else wants to, I’m determined there will be at least some integrity remaining from all of this.

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