Sorry Scott

So, we were due to have a 2 year “update on how the business is going” meeting. To make it a little less dry, management had decided to theme it – in this case the theme was summer. You could turn up in shorts and bright shirts, bring a rubber ring with you, etc.

Naturally, someone takes it a bit further and suggests that young Scott should have an all-over spray tan. After a quick whip around for some cash, he was booked in. Strangely, he was looking forward to it, not realising the devious mind behind it all (no not me), who was already arranging for it to be emulsioned on, so he would come out looking like David Dickinson.

The end result…


Apparently, as the evening went on it went a number of shaded more orange. It got so bad he had to wash a lot of it off.

But, hey, it’s worth it for the laugh…

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