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Ok, here’s a hypothetical situation. Let’s just say you’re a member of a non-profit, charitable group. Now let’s say that, although, not part of the management committee you have, for a number of years, assisted by writing and running their website and done most of their design work – printed media, and the like. You do it, not because you’ve been asked to, but because you like to help. Now, let’s also say that you’d stated in the past that you’d like to re-design the groups logo, which is looking a little old and tired. Let’s say you’d asked to do this on more than once occasion.

So how would you feel if they decided to do the logo, but didn’t ask you? Instead a committee member (admittedly, the one who should be responsible for such things) was doing it. And it wasn’t mentioned to you, and didn’t go through anyone’s mind that they should maybe speak to you about it. Oh, and a change of logo would have the biggest impact on the website, which you’re responsible for.

Well, when I put this exact situation to an internet forum, the vast majority of people agreed with the following statement that one user posted…

You’re doing this voluntarily out of the kindness of your heart. If that’s the case, I think there’s a simple solution, i.e. stop doing it. If you’re feeling unappreciated (and personally I think you have a fair point) take your time and skills elsewhere..

Hypothetically, of course

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