Leaving a bad taste

Today I’ve stumbled across the blog of a web design company, who just happened to list this website as one of a number that they berate.


Well, some time ago I put my name forward for the UK Web Design Association. My portfolio at the time was Engments, BMTG and Copy+ (which as since changed URL). They were (certainly at the time) working nicely and validated. I got approved and so list this credential at the bottom of the site.

At the time of submission I was running these via my Artiss Web Design business. I’ve since closed this up, so have diverted links to here, my personal site.

Now, MinuteDesigns, who are based in Derby, have submitted their site to UKWDA and been rejected. Why? I have no idea. Nor do they. Their site, I have to say, is pretty damn good. As are the sites they create. However, what they’ve done, obviously with a bitter taste in their mouth, is list nearby Web Design companies who have got this “award” and berated them. That includes Artiss.co.uk (well, they don’t berate it, just refer to is as “some dudes blog” with the suggestion that why should I be a member of the Association for that).


I came off lightly actually, as many other sites had far more ferocious comments directed at them. They include pointing out those where sites no longer exist, etc, forgetting that the UKWDA is given out based on the submission at the time – it’s not reviewed regularly (remember – this is a free membership).

Anyway, I’ve left them a comment (wonder whether they’ll authorise it?) pointing out their mistake and that Artiss.co.uk is not why I’m a member. I’m sure they’ll visit the other sites now and tear those apart. Such is life.

It’s all a shame really because, as I say, MinuteDesigns seems to be a really good company, and they really didn’t have to lower themselves to half-researched bashing.

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  1. Actually, its not really a bash at the websites, well it is and it isnt, its about an association which would be a “Trust Seal” for Designers.

    Ok, you know nothing about website design, you want it, their a member of a UK Organisation, fantastic, buy.

    Its free, yes, but they should still keep it in date. My point is crap sites that don’t adhere to standards make the whole thing look shabby, however to simple joe bloggs, there don’t have a clue what standards are, what cross browser compatibility is, or what accessibility is.

    More of a “Rant” at how bad they are, rather than how bad some of the websites are, however I must say, yes some sites on there are so super shocking it is unreal, “Lets install Frontpage and call ourselves a web designer”.

    Yeah those links you posted, I’m not even going to go there, I responded to your post on my blog.

    Thanks for the free back link by the way 😉

    It’s nothing personal, its just a poke at UKWDA, And I am sure you agree, they should check and update their lists, and have some form of standards on what they class as a “Designer” because clearly all that the UKWDA show at the moment is that “Anyone with Frontpage or Microsoft Word can make a website, so why pay someone to do it”… Which I get all to often.

  2. Oh and thanks for the compliments on our work by the way 🙂

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