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So, back in March I bought a new kettle after mine starting falling to bits (literally the plastic was deteriorating). It was one of these new see-through polycarbonate types. The handle, softly padded, glowed when the kettle was heating. And it was all see-through plastic and chrome.

Unfortunately, it’s continued to add a chemical taste to the water if it’s left in for any amount of time, the plastic has began to crack and the soft padding on the handle is coming away. All in 5 months.

As I’m at work and my wife, well, isn’t, she went off to Argos, on her bike, the other side of town, with the kettle and receipt. Except. They wanted to do any kind of refund on the original card used – which was mine. Otherwise my wife could have Argos vouchers, which we didn’t want as the replacement kettle we were looking at was a lot cheaper.

So I have to visit, as I was the one who bought it. But. I turn up and they still won’t accept my card – I changed banks earlier this year and my bank card is now different to the one used to buy the kettle. So they will only swap the kettle or give me vouchers.

Begrudgingly I accept the vouchers.

The kettle we wanted, by this time, was sold out. I found another. That was in the “Extra” range so had to be ordered in (bear in mind I am now without a kettle). In the end I find one – but this is the same price as the one I returned. It means I don’t have the hassle of Argos vouchers to use, but means I’ve spent more on a replacement than I intended. Ho hum. At least this doesn’t have whizzy lights to fail, soft padding to fall off, etc.

Only time will tell how this goes but Argos… get a grip.

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