Calmness in the face of a BSoD

Ahhh, the old Blue Screen of Death (or BSoD) – that lovely screen of blue with white text that greets you when Windows goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Normally, my stress levels hit the roof as a result of one, but I guess I must be getting better at sorting them now, as one such really bad one today hardly made me bat an eyelid.

I was using a product named DriverMax to look for outdated drivers – it now has functionality to download and install them as well. So I let it. Some people never learn.

One reboot later and I’ve lost all network capability – any attempt by Windows to re-install it caused a fatal BSoD.

So I calmly reboot, access Safe Mode via F8 and run a system restore for earlier today. Ta-da – now working. And DriverMax? Not being used.

Posted by David Artiss

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