Getting some work done

No, not me, as well know I don’t get much done other than write blogs and dabble with websites 😉

Last year, my excellent IFA cashed in my endowment insurances as they weren’t generating the required money – this money I put towards the mortgage but also I kept some aside for some work on the house (which, after all, should increase the worth of the house). So, this summer we’ve been getting quotes from local businesses for some work – external painting, guttering replacement, tree pruning and, biggest project of all, getting rid of the slabs and gravel from the back and converting it into a nice lawned area with corner garden plots. Nice.

The estimates are in and we’ve contacted the appropriate people and…. nothing. We leave messages. And nobody gets back to us. It’s as if they’re really not bothered.

And we wonder why skilled Polish workers are taking over the industry! Maybe they seem to be a little more interested.

Well, I’ll give them a few more days…


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