I've done it!

If anybody has been following my Twitters (and as a consequence my Facebook status) you’ll know I did something today that I wasn’t looking forward to. Well, I was look forward to the possible outcome if all went well. It was just the possibility that it wouldn’t go well.

Ok, let’s put it another way. I may work in IT but electrical things – particularly computers – don’t like me. They break. Easily. And quickly.

So, when I had an idea that involved taking apart my PC, modifying it and putting it back again, the chances were slim.

A few years ago I made my own PC – a picture of it can be seen at the right. The case is superb – large, sold and very airy, giving a good circulation and therefore making a quiet PC. It also takes large fans so I chose large, slow moving ones.

Unfortunately, as my luck goes, I had problems with it so in time I bought myself a replacement from a well-known manufacturer, thinking that would put an end to my luck. The replacement was, well, small, plastic and loud. I’ve done what I can put it’s size and lack of abilities limited this. However, the components were newer and more powerful.

So, my idea was to transplant the inards of my current PC into my old case – I could use my larger fans and would have room for expansion, etc. That was my job today. Remove the insides from my PC, clean them up (yes, using an air duster!) and put them in the other case. Plus add some extras, such as the better cables, etc, that I had.

And yet, with all things against me, it worked. It’s back! And god, it’s quiet. You can’t heard it downstairs through the vibrations on the floor – in fact you can’t tell it’s on when standing outside of the room (with the door open). I’ve even ordered some more stickers for the front to reflect the new hardware 😉


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