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One of the great advantages of running a site such as Copy+ is the potential for publicity – both for us to receive and also to give. Therefore after stumbling across a piece of hardware that would be ideal for users of the Copy+ software, I got in contact with the distributor.

Not only did I get a 10% discount for everyone in kind return for the publicity, but they’ve even sent me (or rather the Copy+ author, Stuart) some of their hardware – in this case a SATA hard drive dock. You simply drop 1 or 2 SATA hard drives into this device, which is connected to your PC via USB, to access them.

Brilliant! And I look forward to Stuarts review – assuming all goes well we can eagerly promote this product further on our site.

However, one thing struck him. And tickled me. The logo to the right was on the front of the box. No hammers or chisels required apparantly. Damn, and they’re a vital part of my PC repair kit.


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  1. Luckily neither the hammer nor the chisel literally “struck” me 😉

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