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A friend of mine has recently blogged about how he doesn’t get the lure of Twitter and certainly why somebody would run a blog and would want to Twitter as well. Well, that’s me.

So here’s my take… blogging is great but I don’t always have the time or inclanation to write one. Writing a single line can sometimes be a lot more convenient. However, I agree that simply Twittering about when you got up, eat, went to bed, etc, is rubbish.

I guess it’s down to HOW you use it, rather than the fact that you do. In my case I use it to indicate how I’m feeling – something I don’t always cover in more factual blog entries. You might have noticed that my recent Twitter entries have been just that, and I’ll be writing a blog soon to explain it all. See how that worked?

Like my friend, I really only use Facebook to keep in touch with people. Indeed one of the advantage of Twitter is that I can use it to update my Facebook status, so I have to visit it even less often.

And speaking of which, I’ve been playing around with WordPress and Firefox plugins for Twitter and will be reporting back on the results soon…