So what have I been up to?

My Twitters and Facebook status’ over the last few days have been showing me as being rather nervous about an impending event. To say the least.

Well, it was a blood test that I had this morning. “That’s nothing”, you’re probably thinking. Well, for somebody with a fear of needles like me, it’s a big thing. I can’t even watch a film or TV programme that involves needles, blades or any sharp, piercing objects.

When I was 11 I spent 2 months in hospital. During that time I was used as a human pin cushion – my chubby arms weren’t not going to give away vein locations so the nurses just had to stab away and hope. I came away with arms like Amy Winehouse.

Since then, that I can remember, I’ve not an injection that’s required a vein (I’ve had Tetanus injections at school, etc, in the side of the arm, for example). And I’ve been happy.

Unfortunately, I’ve recently been showing some symptoms of being mildly diabetic. A friend of mine IS diabetic and after speaking to him, he urged me to see the Doctor. So I did and he wanted to do a blood test. Results will turn up in 7-10 days.

So that was it. But if you’re still thinking I was just being a bit wuss then consider two things…

  1. Consider how many of you would probably act if a tiny spider crawled past you. Hysterics? Shock? Well, I’m sure that could be considered equally, if not more so, wussy. After all, the spider hasn’t done you any harm, in comparison to a damn great needle that’s been stuck in your arm.
  2. My history caught up with me. The nurse this morning couldn’t find a vein so now BOTH my arms are sore and covered in plasters.

And all this after not being able to eat and drink since yesterday. By god, the bacon cob I had at work this morning was good.


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  1. Good luck on the results.

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