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Ha. After my story the other day that the iPhone advert has been banned, PC Pro have an excellent video showing you EXACTLY how quick the iPhone would be doing what they advertised.

Meantime,  my other story about a software retailer not lowering their prices has been revealed by PC Pro, and they’ve mentioned their name, which I decided not to do. Yes, stand up McAfee. The PC Pro article was also reported by an affiliate, who remained anonymous, but their words reflected my own. It doesn’t help that before this story broke, PC Pro has also published an article about how PC retailers were planning on dropping their prices to reflect the VAT change.

However, no sooner had they revealed the story about the VAT put McAfee decided to back down. Hurrah for common sense.

Some choice comments from their forums…

Do you really want to buy software as complex as a security suite from a company who cannot easily update the VAT rate in their own selling software?

I think McAfee has a very good candidate for “Most Pathetic Excuse of the Year”