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For a while now I’ve not been happy with the sound my car was making. Not from the engine but what appeared to be the suspension. It was quite subtle, but I’m sure it didn’t sound quite right – the thud as I went over pot-holes and speed humps was louder that it should have been.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I took my wife’s car to the garage because I thought the exhaust was blowing. It wasn’t and I felt I’d just wasted the garage’s time. So I put my car’s suspension problems to the back of my mind.

This morning, on the way to work, the suspension broke. Not in a catastrophic, can’t drive it, way, but certainly in a “oh my god what is THAT noise” way. Bugger.

It’s already been to the garage and been repaired. At quite a cost. If I’d taken it in sooner it would have been a cheaper job.

Moral of this story – swallow your pride and take it in, even if you think you may be wasting the mechanics time.