The joy of colds

Last week I had a cold – much better than last year when I had the cold during Christmas itself. Unfortunately, last weekend I was away with friends and it rather ruined the time. And to top it off, the cold has been gone but has been left with a raging cough that particularly gets me overnight.

So this is third night on the trot when I’m up – friends have been over so I didn’t get to bed until midnight. Tomorrow (or rather today) I visit my mums so have to be up at about 8am. But here it is, sometime after 2am, and I’m wide awake, but hacking away (in the coughing sense, rather than the code “cracking” way).

What normally happens is that it settles down after about an hour and I’m back off to bed.

Anyone know anything that helps with this kind of thing? From Simple Linctus to Buttercup Syrup has been tried. And have failed.


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