BT doesn't want my money

I’ve recently been reviewing some of my expenditure and this includes my home phone company. BT, strangely enough, was pretty competitive so I didn’t see the need to change. However, I could see a benefit in changing my current calling plan. Right now I’m on their free evenings and weekends package. This is a free option but you have to sign up on contract to get it – basically tying you to BT for a year to be able to get it.

What I’d like to do is change to their Unlimited package – I have to pay more but get free calls during the day too.

On their website I appeared unable to do this and it didn’t tell me anywhere why. So I emailed them. And they were pretty swift with their reply – same day. However, the reply did surprise me – I can’t change until my contract time is up. That’s right, they don’t want me to pay them more money until my year contract has expired.

Now, I can understand this when reducing your package, but when increasing it? Paying BT more money? Weird. I guess I’ll just have to stick it out.


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