The Weekend

Went to Hull at the weekend to have a Christmas meal with some friends. However, I’ve had a cold since Thursday night and, for whatever reason, really decided to hit me hard Saturday night. So I was dazed and confused and therefore not as much company as usual. I also slept really badly on the Saturday night (stayed at a friends house).

This cold has been really weird – things haven’t gone in the right order (you know how it usually is… sore throat to begin, etc, etc) and have hit me quite hard each time.

Anyway, weisited my father-in-laws new house on Sunday and then headed back home for a rest. What could go wrong?

The M1 was shut. Except for those poor suckers already on it, stuck in 7 miles of standing traffic. Yes, that included me. Instead of getting home at some reasonable later afternoon time, we got home about 8pm. My temperature had been erratic and, probably due to sitting in the cramped car, I wondered whether my cold was actually flu. Thankfully a good nights sleep has confirmed it to be simply a cold. I’m now dosed up on Cold & Flu relief and feeling a lot, lot better than I was yesterday.

Meantime… this site has been down since Friday. Apologies. My host neither has a helpdesk not, it seems, any kind of technical support over the weekend so even though I reported it to them within business hours on Friday they didn’t get around to looking at the problem until this morning. And they haven’t stated what the problem was (although I’m going to try and find out).


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