It's Christmas Eve

I slept badly last night… my cold has virtually completely gone, but has left a nasty hacking cough which is what kept me awake. In fact at one point (about 2:45am) I got up for an hour.

A full day at work for me and there’s  a ridiculously long queue for the bacon cobs, which I’m desperate to partake in.

Unlike past Christmas I’ve managed to get my organising all on it’s head – where I normally fall down (cards, getting and wrapping presents, etc) were all sorted early but where I don’t normally have a problem (getting the house ready, presents under the tree, generally making everything feel Christmassy) I’ve cocked up.

I don’t even have a Christmas CD to play 🙁

And I’m out tonight.

Christmas may be a little more rushed than usual!

Posted by David Artiss

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