Fish Fingers

Fish FingersGrowing up I loved fish finger sandwiches. Hmmm. In fact, if I was given a plate of fish fingers, chips and beans most of it would end up between slices of bread.

After mentioning this last weekend my wife bought some fish fingers so that I could indulge once again. This was something I was looking forward to.

Some fresh white bread and some Birds Eye fish fingers were assembled. The fish fingers can be grilled or oven cooked… odd, I remember them always being fried. Anyway, I grilled them which didn’t go too well. They stuck to the grill pan and burnt a little. None-the-less I had some cooked fish fingers and some buttered bread.

It’s such a shame then that the result was disappointment.

What have Birds Eye done?The fish fingers were tasteless.

This is probably done to the drive these days to force food into being healthier. Gone is the salt and probably anything else that could be – if eaten in enough quantities – bad for you. Also gone is the taste.

Maybe the cooking method is another reason – even Wikipedia refers to them being fried.

Maybe it’s the fish. I’m sure it used to be Cod (hardly the most taste-packed of fish in the first place) but now it’s Alaska Pollock, described as “mild in flavour”.

Whatever reason, it makes you realise why they’re not as popular these days and kids prefer burgers instead. It’s such a shame (spaghetti hoops in tomato sauce went much the same way).


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