Deleted post – you can't be harsh!

This morning I was reading a popular UK discussion forum. On it, I came across a query with regard to opening RAR files. However, there were a few lines that lept out at me…

I have purchased a R4 card for use in my daughters DS.
I installed the software on it successfully and managed to transfer some .nds files from a friends micro card. These games play fine.
I also managed to download one game successfully but ever since then I have tried 3 different DS game sites and…

And then it goes into the RAR file problem.

So, basically, they are downloading illegal game copies to put onto an R4 card. For the uninitated, this is a hardware device that allows SD cards to be placed into a Nintendo DS. The R4 card is fine by itself, but it’s how it’s used that is the issue. It’s normally used for “home brew” hacking – placing emulators and own software onto the device – or for holding mass collections of pirated games. I know, I work with people who do this regularly.

I’m sure there are legitimate games that can be downloaded and placed on an R4 card, which is why I decided not to report this post to the forum adminisators. Instead I simply replied…

Please tell me these aren’t illegal game copies.

Without wanting to sound preachy, I’m tired of having to pay extra for my games simply because I don’t feel the need to steal them.

I get my point over, and the poster gets a chance to state that these were legal games. Great.

Except, my post is pulled. The adminstator said..

Your comments seem a little harsh, the OP asked a question about RAR file formats – it did not involve any request for help to download something illegally.

Obviously, I’ve replied back, pointing out much of the above, but I’m guessing nothing will come of it. Why are we so accepting of this? As I said in my response, why should I be paying, probably inflated prices, due to piracy? Why is that acceptable and, say, shop lifting isn’t? We really seem to have our priorities wrong.

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