You see, I told you…

Sometime ago, I lamented the lack of advertising income thanks to the popularity of ad-blockers, et al.

Yesterdays announcement by News Corp therefore didn’t come as a surprise – they would no longer be providing their newspapers’ websites free of charge. The only way websites such as these can provide the information that they do is to make money. And if you block their adverts, they won’t make money.

Of course, people are now complaining. My favourite example being..

What a ridiculous idea. Why would anyone pay for news from the web?

Well, I guess it’s that or they don’t provide it at all. You choose. Or you could just turn that ad-blocking software off.


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  1. Don’t you feel maybe people are saying ‘why should anyone pay for news on the web’ because there are plenty of people posting useful and important news who don’t charge?

    Maybe the whole concept of a small number of organisations making money from ‘news’ is out-dated? Sure, there’s a difference between news, solid investigative reporting and decent in-depth articles.

    But this is Murdoch we’re talking about – not a name synonymous with ‘solid investigative reporting’.

    Personally, I think it’s high time a small number of globally huge organisations stopped being in charge of ‘news’.

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