Which Android?

HTC HeroNo, not the name of a new publication related to robots 😉 Of course I’m referring to Google’s rather excellent mobile operating system.

My current phone contract expires soon and I’m seriously interested in getting an Android handset. But which to have. I was excited by the Samsung Galaxy but reviews have generally not been as glowing as I’d hope for – issues such as a hidden i marketplace icon and abysmal PC connection software have rather tainted it. On top of this, although it’s on O2 (my current provided), it’s only available from O2 themselves and not Carphone Warehouse (which is where my contract is with). Oh, and it’s expensive.

The viable alternative is the HTC Hero, with excellent reviews, but a poorer quality camera (yes, the camera is one of the selling points for me) and, gulp, only available in pink or brown from the Carphone Warehouse.

However, the Hero has just won the T3 award for best mobile phone and best gadget of 2009. I’m not sure I can argue with that.

Having said that, I’ve just noticed that 3 are bundling Spotify Premium with the HTC Hero…. Hmm. Between now and my contract renewal, it may get quite exciting!

If anybody has any thoughts, have tried either phones, then please let me know.

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