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There are some apps that I’d love on my Hero but, for one reason or another, I can’t currently get.

Talk To Me
This is a language translator, which uses both text and speech facilities. Sadly, it needs Android 1.6 onwards.

HootSuite, an online Twitter client, have had an iPhone app for a while. Now they’ve released an Android version, but it only currently works for Android 1.6 onwards. Thankfully they’re working on a 1.5 version…

Google Apps
There are 3 recently launched Google Android apps – Google Buzz, Google Goggles and Google Earth – that only work with Android 2+. Funny that their own fun, the Nexus One, is the only Android phone currently using this version…

This is a superb keyboard replacement which gives you the ability to type by moving your finger across the keyboard without lifting them between letter. It provides a far quicker typing speed as a result. Others are available but Swype works particularly well.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet available as a standalone application (they’re having it bundled with new phones) and even then it only worked for higher resolution phones (they’re apparently working on a lower resolution version).

Twidroid Pro
After reviewing lots of Twitter apps, I decided that Twidroid Pro was the one for me. Sadly, I can’t get it on the Marketplace for reasons that are yet unknown to me. I’m told it’s “Google security”, but that’s all I know. If anybody knows how I can get hold of it (legitimately), then please let me know!

Now I wish someone could create a driver for my iGo bluetooth keyboard…

Update 3/3/10 – Seriously Google? Now they’ve launched Gesture Search. For Android 2+ onwards.