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Tonight I noticed there was no power light at all on my Wii – normally, even if off, the light on the front is red. Now, there was a brief power cut on Monday night and I wonder if it happened then.

Anyway, I unplugged it (which involved moving the TV out and pulling out lots of cables!) and tried another power socket – nothing.


Hopefully, I was thinking, it was the power supply – that would be cheap to replace!

I did a quick Google though and came across a Nintendo article that explains how the AC Adapter can be “reset” (I assume it has some kind of protective cut-out facility built in) – you, basically, unplug the power supply from both ends, leave it 2 minutes and then try it again. So I unplug it and leave it while I go and wash-up. Plugging it back in, I do indeed get power back!

One thing that would have helped would have been some kind of power light on the power supply itself – most laptop PSUs have one, and it’s a shame the Wii doesn’t. If it’s for “green” reasons, why not have a small button that you press – if it has power a light comes on momentarily?

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