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My earlier post about bargain prices for Pogoplug, reminded me that I hadn’t shared about, erm, sharing on Pogoplug.

Last week I went bowling with work. I was rubbish. But I did remember to take a camera – a cheap digital camera mind you. Most of the pictures that night were taken by a colleague, but I had a fine and rather random collection by the end.

I got home and copied the card directly to my PC. From there I used Picasa to edit them – removing useless (e.g. photos of the ceiling) and out of focus shots, removing red-eye, that kind of thing. Finally, I copied them onto the Western Digital Elements hard drive that I have connected to Pogoplug. The vast majority of this time was spent editing the shots but, never-the-less, it still didn’t take long at all.

Then I went to bed and left Pogoplug to upload the photos to the Pogoplug site.

Next morning, I signed onto their site and shared the folder. I was provided with a unique URL that I could then share with people from work. Anyone visiting this URL would have been presented with a professional presentation of photo thumbnails that they can scroll through and click on to see larger images. From there they can download and share further. They can even run a slideshow (which many did) rather than click through them individually. If I’d wanted to I could have added select photos and generated my own slideshow.

It’s all very swish and I had to do nothing to get them into this state – all of this is provided, free, by the Pogoplug website. I was very, very impressed.

I’ll be generous and share the pictures, so you can see exactly what I mean – click here to view the bowling photos on the Pogoplug website.