8 Things I Really Disliked about Tesco, Beeston

The big new Tesco in Beeston is now open. Lots of people were against it (including knocking down a popular pub and the “Beeston Lads Club” building) but they’ve done their best with a wood-clad building, with a rear car park to keep people off the main road. It’s apparently environmentally friendly too (although I haven’t found out how). Never-the-less, it’s large, imposing and right in the middle of the town centre.

Now, I don’t live in Beeston and have lived with the Long Eaton Tesco for many years, with few complaints. However, I visited the Beeston store today and was not impressed. Here’s my initial impressions…

  • On entering the car park there’s a mini roundabout with just just exits. Most people would have put a simple bend in, but Tesco have turned it into a roundabout. Why?
  • The car parking spaces are tiny. Do they thin cars in Beeston?
  • There’s next to no signage in the car park. Where do you put your trolley? Where’s the exit? No idea to any of these.
  • There’s no pedestrian walkway through the car park so you have to dodge your way around the traffic to get to and from the entrance
  • I can only assume that there are few babies in Beeston. Certainly their pitiful attempt at a baby section would suggest so.
  • A lot of basic products were missing. A simple bath sponge? Sorry, none in stock.
  • Their in-store signage is rubbish – the aisle with butters and margarines has a sign over it that doesn’t mention either of these. Aren’t these pretty basic and popular product ranges?
  • The customers and staff were rude. I was barged, blocked and boxed in, in a store that wasn’t very busy. And the member of staff at the till didn’t acknowledge me other than to ask basic questions.

I’m sure the excuses of poor signage and stock will be down to the newness of the store, but this is something that should be sorted from day one. Sorry, Tesco – you were always going to be up against it in Beeston so I thought you would have tried harder.


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  1. eric fretwell avatar
    eric fretwell

    I couldn’t agree more with the comments above. some of the staff are appallingly rude: for example, today Sunday the 15th of January I arrived at the overhead carpark at ten twenty and was pleased to see the top floor doors open and so I entered the store. I rode down on the escalator to be confronted by a woman member of staff who demanded to know how I had got in. I said “through the doors upstairs,” she said that I couldn’t have done because they were locked. I assured her they were not locked. she insisted they were and was then joined by several male members of staff all demanding to know how I had got in through locked doors. I then asked how they thought I had got in? down the chimney or perhaps abseiled down through a skylight. pefectly feasible for a 67 year old pensioner. They then called in a security man who escorted me back up the escalator where I showed him the open doors. he apologised and and offered to escort me back down. I declined saying that since I had got this far I might as well continue until I got to Sainsburys. the Tesco staff were confrontational and rude and I presume the doors were left open by one of the Tesco smokers having a drag in the carpark. I might add that the security man was a model of courtesy and throughly professional in his manner and a credit to his company, which I suppose is an outside contractor. (He was far too polite to be a Tesco employee.)
    I see that Tesco profits are on a downwards spiral, I am pleased to announce that I am now going to do my bit towards adding to that spiral by not shopping there anymore.

  2. How can anyone take this article seriously. There are more grammar mistakes than a five year old’s fictional story.

    1. David Artiss avatar
      David Artiss

      Quite possibly. I wrote this quickly after getting back from my trip to the store. Apologies if a personal blog post doesn’t come up to your standard on grammar. However, I don’t believe bad grammar negates the point of the post (unless I was complaining about Tesco spelling things incorrectly).

      However, if you’d like a fair comparison, I’m sure my own 5 year old could write an article and we can compare grammar – I suspect your exaggeration would equally question whether you should be taken fairly :p

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