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Creative had joined the fray of Android-based devices with an announcement of the Creative Ziio and ZEN Touch 2.

Running Android 2.1 and sporting either a 7 or 10 inch screen, the ZiiO will start from just £199.99 (for the 8GB 7″ version), rising to £269.99 (for 16GB 10″ version). All include Bluetooth audio with apt-X, X-Fi audio enhancements, USB connection and SD expansion (Micro SD on the 7″).

Screen resolution is 480 x 800 pixels on the 7″ and 1024 x 600 on the 10″ (equivalent to a Netbook) although, curiously, the colour gamut is 262k on the 10″ and a larger 16.8million on the 7″. Weird.

Both are running a ZiiLABS ZMS-08 HD processor, which is a 1Ghz ARM processor designed specifically for high definition media output. It may be a tablet form, and running Android, but its definitely intended at the entertainment market.

And this is more ably demonstrated in the fact that it uses a resistive touchscreen, rather than the usual capacitive (and therefore it comes complete with stylus!).

Next up, is the ZEN Touch 2 which is a 3.2″ touch screen (again, capacitive) Android pocket media device. There are 3 models – 8GB (£149.99) and 16GB (£159.99) and a GPS equipped 8GB version for £159.99. Which processor it uses is currently unknown, but the screen is 480 x 320 pixels with 262K colours.

Designed mainly for music, it does still sport a full Android OS, camera and wi-fi so browsing the internet and running apps will be perfectly feasible. It doesn’t come with the apt-X or X-Fi goodness of the ZiiO, but is an Android competitor to the iPod Touch.

All are expected early December 2010.

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