For over a year Apple owners have had the Magic Mouse – a traditional mouse, but with a touch sensistive top for multitouch use, similiar to a laptop’s touchpad. It’s not without its disadvantages, and running it on a PC can be problematic.

Thankfully, SPEEDLINK are soon to release their own PC equivalent – the CUE.

It’s available in 4 colours – red, white, black and silver – and uses a tiny USB dongle for communication. It can be used like a tradional mouse (but without any of the buttons physically moving), or with gestures to control your applications. Included software lets you customise it’s use.

Whether the CUE will suffer some of the same downsides as the Magic Mouse is yet to be seen, and the included software may “make or break” this as a worthy adversary. However, it doesn’t appear to be as flat as the Magic Mouse, which should make use easier.

The Magic Mouse will cost you about £50 from Amazon, whereas the CUE costs around £35. It’s due for release on the 1st December.



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