CSI and David Artiss

My name is not unique but it is quite rare. Personally, I’m only aware of one other David Artiss. None-the-less, a few years ago it came as quite a surprise to me to hear my name being used in an episode of CSI (an episode titled “Random Acts of Violence – season 3, episode 13). Or was it – maybe it sounded like my name? However, an online script showed that it was, even down to the exact spelling.

Now, I love CSI but it’s on TV so much I’ve never felt the need to buy it on DVD – especially as they’re only available in whole season box sets. As much as I’d like to have that episode, I wasn’t prepared to buy the entire series. iTunes doesn’t cover it and although many of the episodes are available on the Five.tv website, I’ve never seen this particular one. A few days ago, though, I found it available online.

So, after a bit of editing, and I grovel to CBS in the hope they don’t tell me off for hosting a short clip of their excellent TV series, here is that mention…


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