Problems watching Blu-Ray movies on a PC

My shiny new Dell Zino HD has a Blu-Ray player and HDMI output. My monitor is an old (but good!) 17″ ViewSonic with a DVI input, so I connect the two with an HDMI to DVI cable.

All good.

Or so I thought, until I tried to play my first Blu-Ray movie. The software – Cyberlink PowerDVD DX – would start playing the disk before stopping with the following…

The error has been linked, by some users, as a potential issue with the Cyberlink software. However, I downloaded a trial of a rival product and got an equivalent error.

Cyberlink also have available a free piece of software that will analyse your hardware and report on any issues that could prevent you from viewing Blu-Ray movies. My results were…

The problem here is that a DRM named HDCP is being used to prevent digtial copying between devices. This means that both pieces of equipment must have HDCP and it looks like my aged monitor doesn’t (I can’t evidence that it does anyway).

I’ve been thinking for a while of getting a new monitor, and this just spurns me on to do so. If/when I do, I’ll let you know how I get on getting a Blu-ray film working!


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  1. Well, that’s the problem with DRM. We, the end users have to cope with problems and the real pirates will just crack it and copy happily!

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