Moving Home

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Last week I moved home, which inevitably meant that the site would be quiet. Little did I realise how quiet (see my following posts!).

I have some tips for anybody moving…

  1.  Be specific when you mark your  boxes – especially at the end when contents tend to be “assorted”. After the move I found my PVR in a box in the bedroom marked “lamp shades” (which it did also contain). Who’d have thought?
  2. Create a box containing essentials to get you through the day and take it yourself. Assume you won’t find anything else and will need to live from the contents of this box.
  3. Don’t help the removal men – it’s going to be a hard enough day as it is, let them do the job they’re best at. But give them drinks.
  4. Check the removal T&Cs. Mine were handed to me on the day. I don’t even know where they are now and I certainly didn’t read them. If I had, I’d have known that breakages have to be reported by post within a week of the move. I didn’t know this until today, one week after the move. Now I’m stuffed.
  5. No matter how the day goes, keep your cool – it will soon be over.

But I’m in and most boxes are unpacked. There’s now a lot of furniture to buy for a much larger house!


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