I often get press releases from SPEEDLINK – gaming mice and the such for PCs. However, a recent announcement got me interested.

They are due to reveal at Gamescon a number of console accessories, one of which is named the XEOX Gamepad – the image is to the right (click for a larger version). Here’s how SPEEDLINK describe it…

The Xbox 360® gamepad from Microsoft® represents the pinnacle of ergonomic analogue stick placement – and now thanks to SPEEDLINK®, PS3® gamers can also enjoy what it feels like to have an optimally positioned analogue stick. The XEOX Wireless Gamepad for the PS3® transports the Xbox® gamepad layout to the PlayStation® world for the first time ever. Its robust 2.4GHz wireless technology also gives you maximum freedom from the console, while the turbo function for controlled rapid-firing offers you a tactical advantage.

I would describe it as an Xbox controller that works on a PS3. Even the name, XEOX, is just one letter different to XBox – damn it, even the green ringed button in the centre looks rather similar.

Now I could be wrong but I can’t see that tact going down too well with PS3 owners. Or Sony. “The Xbox 360 gamepad… represents the pinnacle of ergonomic analogue stick placement”. That’s fighting talk and hardly the kind of thing that’s going to get PS3 owners running out to own – I suspect most are quite partial to their Dualshock 3 and wouldn’t want anything else.

So, it’s a brave move.

Prices are €34.99 and is due in October.

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  1. A lot of PS3 owners seem blind to how absolutely shit the DS3 is for FPS games. I admit that it’s great for anything else, but as far as Call of Duty goes I’d take my 360 controller over my DS3 any day.

    1) Analog sticks: Why the hell did Sony think that making CONVEX analog sticks was a good idea? My hands get a little sweaty when the action gets intense and my thumbs sometimes slip costing me a kill. Also, the sticks have much lower resistance to them which seems like a good thing at first, but in reality causes you to often overshoot your mark unless you have rocksteady thumbs. Not to mention that its much easier to accidentally whip your knife out since pushing the stick down takes much less force.

    2) Ergonomics: Just because Sony has stuck to the same design for 10 years doesn’t mean it’s a good design. You can make that argument all you want but in the end it boils down to the fact that unless your hands are really small or really large you’re going to feel discomfort when gaming for a few hours.

    3) R2/L2: Sloping down? Really? I don’t think I need to explain this one. I know you can play using L1/R1 but for my average sized hands shooting with those back buttons is much more comfortable.

    This controller is a god-send for anyone that has a PS3 and plays a lot of shooters. I know I’ll be getting more multi-platform games for my PS3 if this thing has no dead-zone or interface lag issues, or that weird interference problem that plagued first generation PS3 controllers.

  2. Any clues as to when this controller will be available in the US?

    1. I contacted the PR person who keeps sending me their press releases (even though I’ve asked them to stop ;)) and they haven’t got back to me.

  3. u2020bullet avatar

    And as it ended up, the controller has huuuge outer deadzones on both the triggers and the analog sticks. I’m definitely regretting my purchase.

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