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As LED televisions increasingly flood the market, it is becoming increasingly impossible to deny the benefits in their quality. After all, merely a few years ago these televisions were still somewhat rare, and could only be found in the outlandishly expensive sections of electronic stores. However, if you walk into just about any electronic store that sells televisions today, you will almost certainly be presented with a wall full of LED flat screens, each more sleek and beautiful than the last. If you want a simpler way of shopping for these wonderful items, however, but do not want to sacrifice selection, you may want to take a look at some Marks & Spencer LED TVs.

In addition to offering you a convenient online browsing option (a nice alternative to having to go out to a store and walk up and down aisles while being advised by an eager salesperson), the Marks & Spencer selection of LED televisions is also unique in that it offers, mainly, “normal” sized televisions. Due to the quality of picture offered by LED televisions most people are inclined to go after 40 or 50″ screens so as to set up a virtual home theatre. Because of this, it is sometimes hard to find more reasonably sized televisions in certain stores (not naming names ;)). However, most of the Marks & Spencer LED televisions have simple, manageable 19 inch screens (though some range into the 20’s), meaning that they are easy to handle and easy to place in rooms. In many instances, these televisions are simply more convenient than some of their gargantuan counterparts.

Another interesting benefit of the Marks & Spencer selection is the physical appeal of the televisions. Of course, just about any LED television offers a sleek, smooth design, making them all nice to look at. However, in an average electronics store just about all of these televisions are black, leaving you little choice when it comes to the aesthetics of the device. Even within a relatively small selection, however, Marks & Spencer offers a variety of different colours in its televisions, including black, silver, white, and even pink. While this is not a huge deal with regard to the actual quality of your television, it is a nice perk for those who care about the television’s aesthetic appeal, or how the TV will fit into a given room.

As you’ll be aware I’ve recently moved home and my new bedroom already has a mounting point for a small flat-screen TV, along with power and aerial connections. With small screens and the colour options, the Marks & Spencer range will be an ideal place for me to start (and the one shown in the picture above with wall mounting, Freeview and DVD player looks particularly nice).

To view the different options, or generally gather more information on the televisions that have been discussed, simply visit the Marks & Spencer “TVs and Accessories” section online.


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