Making money from WordPress

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If you’ve come to this post thinking I’m sharing some amazing strategies on making money from WordPress, you’ll probably be disappointed.

WordPress, and a result themes and plugins produced for it, are licensed under the GPL. What this means is that although you can product commercials versions, people are free to use and copy your results. Additionally, WordPress doesn’t integrate well with, for example, commercial plugins as there is no place for them on their site and, hence, no automatic updates.

Paid support is another option for plugin and theme authors but even they don’t seem to very popular, with one company who provides such support recently shutting down.

I’ve had a few requests to make changes to or write new plugins, but they usually don’t pan out particularly well – with so many plugins already available there’s usually a reason why one doesn’t exist πŸ˜‰

I get money from the advertising on this site but that barely covers the spiralling hosting costs. There are also various promotional methods further, but these are more to do with having a website rather than WordPress in particular.

So, getting rich is probably best left to the entrepreneur and those coming up with “the next big thing”.Β  But that’s fine with me – WordPress is GPL for a reason and it’s all about sharing. If I was in it for the money I’d have done something else instead!

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