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Hots on the heels of the 2.2 update to the ZiiO, Creative have released a firmware update with various improvements and bug fixes.

Changes include…

  • Adds support to enable you to display ZiiO tablet’s screen on a TV or Display Monitor via HDMI.
  • Adds a feature to let you save contact information of friends and associates.
  • Includes function for Skype® voice chat.
  • Supports Creative’s Over-The-Air firmware update application that automatically pushes updates to your ZiiO via Wi-Fi.
  • Ability for user to format the on board memory (internal SD memory) in both Recovery Mode and also in the “Media & Storage” to ensure that it is FAT32.
  • Updates the Amazon Kindle® and Audible® application.
  • Improved microSD card compatibility.

It is also seems to include various graphical improvements (unless they came with 2.2 and I missed them) including some app launch animation.

Simply visit the firmware page from your ZiiO and install the update app. Reboot your ZiiO once done and the update is installed!

Also available is an update to the ZiiO optimised version of Flash.