Instant America – how the Internet has brought instant gratification but has made Americans impatient

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Here’s something I can across recently based upon some recent research. It shows how the instant gratification of the internet is making us impatient.

The study was US based, hence it’s American reference – however, there’s nothing to suggest that’s not as bad in the UK or anywhere else in the first world.

What do you think? Has the internet made you a less patient person?

I am a less patient person, although maybe not to some of the extents highlighted in this. However, is it the internet or just the world generally that we live in now where everything is quicker, smaller, better than it was just months previous (yes, I’m looking at you mobile phone manufacturers!)? Is this evidence of a damaging effect by the Internet or society in general – the Internet is a product, after all, of that.

Instant America
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