The PlayStation Vita and WiFi

I mentioned in my original review that WiFi connectivity doesn’t appear to work as you’d expect when it comes to the various power options. Having now had a chance to read the manual it appears that it isn’t functioning as it should. The manual states

You can put your system into standby mode by pressing the power button.

When your system is in standby mode, Wi-Fi and mobile networking remain enabled.

I noticed that when downloading large files from the PlayStation store that if I put the device into standby via a quick touch of the top power button then WiFi would disconnect. However, if you simply leave the device on and let it naturally go into standby (depending on your power settings this timeout will be different – I have mine set to the minimum of 1 minute) then the WiFi appears to remain on.

And it’s not just me that’s noticed it

If you have wifi running and want it to keep running, let the vita go to sleep on its own.

I should also add that, in what I think is actually a nice touch, when the WiFi isn’t being used it does disconnect itself, reconnecting when needed again. This has meant that, left on the main menu in standby, the battery on my Vita has lasted a good long while.

On the day that I received my Vita I also had an issue where although WiFi was active I couldn’t get an internet connectivity – all other devices in the house were fine and a reboot of the Vita resolved the problem. I mention it because I’ve heard of people having the same problem. I’ve not had any such problems since, though.

Hopefully a future firmware upgrade will resolve the WiFi issues.

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