Will my next phone be a Nokia running Windows?

At work, as a cost saving measure, they’re replacing the many Blackberry handsets with Nokia’s. More specifically Nokia Lumia 800′, running Windows Phone 7.

Naturally, I’ve had a chance to try one out and get feedback from those that have them. And, believe it or not, I may just choose for my next phone (or, by that time, whatever the latest Nokia / Windows Phone combination is available).

The phone itself is gorgeous – matt back with a lovely weight, impressive screen and excellent camera. Windows Phone 7, I have to say, is also impressive. It’s responsive and easy to use. It makes Android, in particular, look very sluggish and old fashioned.

Yet, reviews have been neutral. Yes, it has an average battery life (what’s new with modern smartphones?) and there is nothing particularly stand out either. But you could equally say the same about the other popular smartphones – indeed those that the same reviews rave on about. I’d say the Lumia 800 is about as stand out as the Galaxy Nexus or iPhone 4S. All impressive with minor flaws but an excellent overall experience.

Because WP7 is new the number of apps is small. Thankfully you can view their Marketplace online, so you can get a taster of what you can and can’t get up front. Google apps, for instance, are severely lacking.

But, here’s the rub – look at Carphone Warehouse and you can get the Lumia 800 from £21.50 a month. The Galaxy S2 will cost £26 and iPhone 4S will set you back £36, in comparison. That, to me, makes the Nokia look a bargain. Come back in 16 months and see what I decide!

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