I wonder why I still use Facebook

Sometimes you don’t always want to know everything about your friends. Going out for a drink, have a laugh, etc, is all great but I suspect you don’t necessarily want to know their prejudices and the various other character skeletons that they may be hiding.

None-the-less, this is what Facebook does.

I’m not a huge Facebook user – it’s useful for sharing photos and events and keeping up on news – but when I do check I’m often left dismayed at what I read, often from friends who, until that point hadn’t said anything that would make me feel any less about them.

One couple, for instance, often write large tirades about the people in society who they think are slacking and not paying their way. A recent one seemed to interchange immigrants, illegal immigrants and refugees as if there was no difference, and they were all here to sponge off hard working tax payers.

Another post, this time from a friend of a friend, made some ridiculous response to a perfectly innocuous comment about enjoying a certain apple. Their friend declared that type of apple to be some un-natural clone. It’s not – it’s a cross between two different apple types. Not a clone and not un-natural. But, hey, don’t let that stand in the way of making some stupid, half arsed comment.

Sadly, all of this makes me more and more want less to do with Facebook. But as long as close friends and family are on it, I guess I will. Maybe I’ll ditch everyone bar those most close to me.


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