Why I’m moving away from Samsung

I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit of Samsung fan. My TV, my wife’s and daughter’s laptops and my phone are all made by this electronics giant.

However, when a few months ago I declared to friends that my next phone wouldn’t be a Samsung they were surprised. Samsung Android phones are generally seen as the “cutting edge”, the kind of thing I go for. Why the change of heart?

Because once your device is no longer the shiniest, most cutting edge of the Samsung’s line they don’t care about you.

When my Galaxy S2 was the latest, Samsung (although delayed) were happy to push out Ice Cream Sandwich but now the S3 is the “new kind on the block” is there any chance of getting Jellybean? It’s never happen.

And it’s no different with their other products – long term loyalty appears to mean nothing when they can continue to just keep selling more and more of the latest products lines.

But I’m one user who’s not happy with this. I’m not in the market for a laptop or TV or right now but I am for a phone. The Nexus 4 isn’t as amazingly good as the S3 but it’s whole lot cheaper and, being from Google, they’ll keep it up to date. And quickly too – there’ll be no delays whilst “Touch Wiz” is added to the front end. I already have a Nexus 7 and it’s great – the phone companies don’t need to add their own GUI when the stock Android version is so good.

But am I look at this with rose-tinted glasses? Can we expect companies to continue to support yesterday’s products? Personally, I think they should – loyalty is not dead. And, as a result, they’ve lost at least one customer – my Nexus 4 has been ordered.

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  1. I hate android apple for life!!!!!

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