PS4 Improvements

The PS4 has been out for over a year now and a number of new features have been added in that time. There are many more that people would like to see, usually pretty big changes. But what of the small things that could be relatively easily added but really improve the experience? Here are a few that I’d like to see. Are there any little “tweaks” that you’d like to see?

Ejecting Discs

The scenario – you have a disc (maybe a film) in the PS4, it’s switched off and you want to eject it and put it away. You press the eject button, the disc pops out and… the PS4 started up. Why? I didn’t press the power button. It would be really nice if the eject button just did that – ejected the disc.


When something goes wrong, instead of displaying an error code that you then go away and look up, get the PS4 to do that lookup itself and display the results. No strings on meaningless numbers to decipher – clear, concise instructions.

Real Names

Add the ability to revoke a real name request (both ways). Initially I sent these out but I’ve since regretted it – in particular, the fact that many friends now appear as their real name rather than their user name and it can be hard to find them. Additionally, it would be nice to display friend lists in user name order, rather than them always use the real name, if that’s available.

Lastly, status messages should use real names if they can. It would be nice if they maybe used both – username and real name. Just so there’s no confusion.

Filter Friends

Brilliantly, they’ve updated party chat so that you can list groups by the game that’s being played. However, go to invite someone to a party and you only view all or your online friends. Wouldn’t it be nice to only show those that are playing the same game or, optionally, not currently playing any?

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